- Each sprayer fitted with 1 spinning disc rotary atomizer with an Electrical pump.
- The lance Length used in the fields: 2 meters.
- The spraying Width (zigzag movement) in the fields: 5 meters.
- Tank Size: 12 liters.
- Dry Weight: 6 kg.
- Power Required: Rechargeable Dry Battery 6V DC   with an automatic battery charger.
- Spray Droplet Size: 200 - 300 microns.
- Disc Speed: 6000 rpm.
- Total Application Volume: 10 to 45 liters/hectare.
- Walking Speed: 40 m/min.
- A Single person can treat 5 to 6 hectares per day.
- Highly effective to use insecticides and fungicides in fields and orchards.
- For spraying the orchards, greenhouses, stables and houses with addition of an extra part to the lance, length could reach to 3 meters and with addition of an electrical pump it can spray up to 5 meters height.
- To regulate the output of the nozzle when using the pump, control tap could be used to bring the flow rate to about 300 ml/min.