Keshtpoush micronair is a device that has a rotating plate with a special design and unique details and works with an electric engine. This machine replaces conventional nozzles and its characteristics are as follows:

  • Particles produced by this device have more uniformity compared to conventional nozzles and particles diameter changes depending on the rotation speed of the plate, the amount of input solution and internal form of the plate.
  • By changing the angle and height of the spraying plate depending on the movement direction, the working width changes and in addition to constant spraying, pesticide losses among rows and uncontrolled environmental pollution can be avoided by spraying the rows on the planting lines.
  • There are neither very coarse particles which cause the solution to pour nor very small steaming articles which results in saving on pesticide use and preventing it from losses.
  • In horizontal spraying due to the closeness of micronair to the plants wind erosion would be minimized.
  • Keshtpoush pesticide sprayers have been designed and made based on the needs and uses in different models. The most important types of models used in farms are N4 and N2 micronairs. In this instruction the details of N2 model are discussed and in some cases the differences among other models will also be mentioned.