Official Approval No.6112

Official approval of Ministry of Agricultural Jihad, Agriculture Researches & Training Org. Plant Pests & Diseases Researches Institute about RAS performance and efficasy for :

  • Useful working width of system was 6 meter and spraying possibility without calculating loading and rest ime with approximate rate of 50 meter in minutes, equal to 1.8 - 2 hectare in hour.
  • Amount of consumption solution in green nozzle while calculating rate of 50 meter in minute was equal to 31.4 liter in hectare and in red nozzle was equal to 22.3 liter in hectare. The output differences of nozzles was equal to 1.5 - 1.8 % which is negligible.
  • For studying the possibility of encountering of spraying person with droplets of poison used from water-sensitive paper which showed that in distance among nozzles with person (middle nozzle 157 cm and side nozzles in 200 cm), the possibility of encountering of droplets of poison is very finite. However, using specific clothes while using the system is recommended.
  • This system is designed in such a way that change in boom's height from the ground within the range of 30 to 130 cm is possible which must be studied carefully in researches projects of droplets coverage status in products with different height.
  • Studying of density and diameter of the droplets showed that in 6000 Rpm, average of droplet diameter (Vmd) is between 200-250 micron and average of droplet numbers in square centimeters are 46.2 droplets. It is noteworthy that this system has capability for change in Rpm between 4000 to 10000 numbers that each of them can produce droplets with different diameter and number.
  • Overall, we can conclude that KP6000,N sprayer system due to low weight, soundlessness, high-efficiency daily sprayer and almost uniform coverage of droplets can be a proper substitute for usual sprayers in state farms which is required to more exactly examine in research projects.