Keshtpoosh Company was founded in 1998 with the participation of a number of experienced experts headed by Mr. Fallah Jeddi in order to use the expertise and experiences of the founders to serve the country's agriculture.

In 2000, Mr. Fallah Jeddi and his colleagues in Keshtpoosh used 40 years of their valuable experience and the latest scientific phenomena to create a successful micronair pesticide sprayer equipped with a micronair with a working width of 6 meters and portable by human. This machine with an abundant working width, high speed and daily efficiency spraying of 10 to 15 hectares a day is unique in the world. In the same year it was identified as an invention in the corporate registration office and industrial property in Iran and thus a great transformation on fighting the pest occurred in Iran and the world because even up to this no man-portable pesticide sprayer with 6 meters working width and taking 10 to 30 solution in hectares has been made in any country. Since that year the sprayer invented in Keshtpoosh Company has reached mass production.
In 2003, the second invention called the micronair in other spraying systems and creating moisture and coolness was registered and so far various models of sprayers equipped with micronair has been produced in Keshtpoosh Company and used by farmers.
One of the features of the research section of Keshtpoosh Company is investigating the farmers’ problems in fighting pesticide and designing new machines which can solve the existing problems in the best manner. Although according to law, for 20 years after the invention copying and duplicating is illegal and prohibited, unfortunately, a number of manufacturers have attempted to copy the company's old outdated models but the company has not found it necessary to sue them since it primarily has tried to increase the quality of its products by spending a lot of cost and time. At the same time, with new designs and changes in the direction of greater efficiency and increased quality, it has continually produced diverse and valuable devices that competitors can never keep up with. It is hoped that the company's efforts is accepted by God and dear farmers of our country.